Who is it for?


Catch a glimpse of the Instagram situation today, briefly and effectively.


Keep up with the content creation trends in social media to dazzle your clients.


Freelancers: learn the smartest use of features to get an advantage in a competitive market.


Discover the tweaks to the algorithm and boost your content like never before.

What you'll learn from this ebook

As they say, including but not limited to:

  • 👍 Gain and keep new followers
  • 🎨 Create designs easily, in a few simple steps
  • ✍️ Write convincing copy and find out the perfect caption length for 2020
  • 🚀 Choose the Instagram features that boost your engagement the most
  • 🔎 Discover free online tools that help you create smart, up-to-date content favoured by the algorithm

How will this ebook help you?

  • ⏱️ Save you time: learn Instagram content creation in less than 1 hour
  • 🧠 Make you smarter: get the newest Instagram data to throw into a business meeting or a small talk at a marketing conference
  • 🤘 Make you a better content creator: gain fresh insights on what makes the best copy and design in 2020
  • 👩‍🎤 Turn you into a better content marketer: find out how to tweak the Instagram algorithm to increase the visibility of your content

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Edó Könyves-Ruzsányi

An agency’s job is to move its clients’ businesses forward. You need to know your facts and you have to have your ideas. Get your advantage with this ebook, it won’t fail you.

Edó Könyves-Ruzsányi

CEO of Sans Cliché

Feri Forgacs

As a developer, content creation is always hard, so is promoting your own products. But this ebook makes it much easier. When I get stuck, I read it to get ideas and keep going.

Feri Forgács

Indie Maker, Freelance Developer

Petra Gönczi

👋 Hi! I’m Petra.
I have more than 10 years of experience in communications. In the past I worked for clients like NIVEA, Nespresso, Baileys, Nestlé or Tezenis. With the knowledge I gained in content marketing, PR, social media, corporate & internal comms, content & copywriting and journalism, now I help brands, creators and makers achieve the best results possible through content.